Moving through the Middle

Over the last months I followed the research of choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and artist/architect Gosse de Kort, with dancer Genevieve Osborne and initiated by danceplatform WhyNot.

Moving through the Middle is a documentation of and a reflection on their collaboration. The publication follows the working process between the two artists, exploring the key questions and ideas that shaped their conversations and informed their collaborative work. Continue reading “Moving through the Middle”

Port of Call

On June 7th, we’ll celebrate the release of Port of Call’s new album ‘Clear Memories’ and perform the songs at Korzo Theater’s beautiful, intimate room. The show will be seated , though there will be enough room for dancing. After the show, we’ll have a party.

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UrgentCity – Towards a New Vocabulary of Terms

UrgentCity, organized by Amateur Cities and New Generations took place on November 11 & 12, 2016 at La Palazzina Reale in Florence, Italy. For two days, an interdisciplinary group of guests discussed  new ecologies, urban assets, digital toolkit and new collectives. I contributed to The Digital Toolkit theme, discussing how the language of technology influences the way we live, and how an ‘error’ can be considered as a unique moment of demystification, exposing material realities of technology.

As We Read

As We Read is a website with a growing collection of reading lists about art and design, ranging from essays to graphic novels, and from lecture transcripts to manifestos. I contributed with a reading list of books in the library of Het Nieuwe Instituut that deal with the ever-expanding universe of materials.Continue reading “As We Read”


CLUB VOYAGE was a festival in the Vondelbunker in Amsterdam, with performances by YEAR, the Wild Raspberries and DJ’s Bert, Stefan and Tessel. Friends abroad ‘joined’  the festival through video projections of them dancing in Belgium, England, New-Zealand, Italy, Austria, Germany and Spain, projected on the wall of the dance floor.

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The Windswept Story of Seasons

Over the last two years, I recorded an EP for every season of the year together with my band. Five songs for Spring, five for the Summer, five songs for Autumn, and four last songs for the Winter.

Today Winter has started again and our last songs are finally released. It’s time to tell you the story. The story of Part of the Plan, Fall/Awake, Hide the House and Boats to Go. Many people are involved in this story. Sometimes because we asked them. Sometimes we met them by accident. Seasons is a journey along different homes, industrial sites, farms, attics, submarines, hidden gardens and other places.

It starts here.


thesis Urban Dialogues. Media Interventions as Assembling Devices.

This summer, I finished my MA thesis Urban Dialogues. Media Interventions as Assembling Devices, published here as pdf.

Cities have always been spaces of friction where people encounter others as strangers in physical public space, and must find a way to deal with each other. Mediating the tensions between different urban publics has been one of the most difficult projects since the earliest days of urbanization. One way of addressing these tensions, is by means of urban media interventions. These interventions can be understood as artistic practices that assemble new urban publics of strangers, by the creative and critical use of media technologies. Their opportunities and challenges are being discussed in the discourses about tactical media and dialogic art, that expose urban media interventions from different fields of study.

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/|\ Het Verval /|\

On Saturday the 21st of September, we celebrated /|\ HET VERVAL /|\  with more than 15 artists including bands, DJ’s, storytellers, poets, Autumn food ‘in verval’ and visuals. The festival was located at Pakhuis Wilhelmina and Delicatessen, at the Veemkade in Amsterdam. I curated and organized the festival with Denis Wouters and Cornelis Serveert.